SOLD-----Topping A90 Headphone Amp/D90 Non MQA version DAC for sale

-$ WAS 1000 PRICE DROP $900 for both!!! Or $600 for D90 and $400 for A90 both in great condition minor normal use marks on top of the D90 from the stack.
-USA 48 States insured signature required to verified PayPal user and shipping address.
Interconnect cables or other amps in the photo not included. Includes original shipping box, remote and paperwork. Only selling to free up funds to keep acquiring new gear to review for my YouTube channel.


The A90 is now $449 on Amazon with free shipping and warranty. I would need to offer around $360 for the A90 to have it make sense. If this would be agreeable I’ll purchase used here. I’m assuming you have the original box and receipt and accessories, etc?

Hey Shawn,

I fund most all my own gear for reviews man and don’t have a huge surplus of money to keep getting in more review gear if I don’t get a reasonable amount for the gear I sell. I have been very blessed lately to get some support and sponsorship from the community which I am very grateful for.

I see that it’s “on sale” normal price is $499 and it’s shipping in mid April to May.

I also have to pay for insured shipping and the PayPal fees. The best I could do would be $375 for the A90. If you are interested in both the D90/A90 I could do them both for $900. Sorry I can’t do more, I have to pay for some of this new gear I am reviewing. I hope you understand. Let me know if that works for you. Thanks.


Bump! 20 Characters buy my stuff help support my future reviews :wink:

Items are now Sale pending!

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SOLD 20 Characters please close.