SOLD Topping D90 LE and A90 Discrete $1050

These are just weeks old with less than 10 hours use. I bought them new on impulse when I planned to have an inefficient planar again but I immediately missed the features of my RME ADI-2 (I use them) and both sound nearly identical to my ears. Then I ended up with Utopia so I do not need the additional A90 power, the RME is more than enough.

Anyway, you can benefit from my impulsiveness and get these on the cheap. I paid over $1400 for the stack and XLR cables. Of course, a week later Apos put them on sale (never again) but this is still lower than that and already here and tested.

If interested please DM me regarding payment and shipping, or if you want to split them.

No fancy pics, these are AS NEW MINT.

These are the newest versions, non MQA and Discrete.