SOLD - Tubes - Amperex EL84 D Getters 59' - Test as new and a matched pair

Hi All,

I have a Matched Pair of Amperex Holland EL84 D Getters from 59’ for sale. They were tested as new and have been checked for noise and microphonics in my Pendant and they are quiet. These tubes would be perfect in the Hagerman Tuba, Quicksilver Amp, or ZMF Pendant.

Amperex Holland EL84 D Getters 59’ NOS Matched Pair - $80 with Fedex 2nd day shipping and PayPal fees included. Only selling within U.S.

Thanks for looking,



Price reduced and priced to sell. This is a killer deal for some fantastic sounding tubes, that are quiet and microphonic free in the Pendant.

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