Sold! Underwood HiFi LSA HP-1

These are a great sounding set of planars. The only reason I’m selling them is because frankly, I spent too much this year on gear (and more coming soon!).
They’re basically Kennerton Odin’s tuned to sound more like the Thekk.

I purchased them new from Wally at Underwood at the end of January 2021, and cosmetically they are a conservative 9/10.

Asking $1100 including shipping and PayPal fees. If you’ve been interested in these save yourself the 200 hour burn in time and about 300 bucks.

Includes headphones, stock cable ZMF/Audeze type mini xlr to SE, carrying case(never used), and original box.
Edited to note I purchased them new



Those are very good cans for the money (though they sound wretched right out of the box!). I just recently sold my pair because I didn’t need 6 sets of headphones, and my ‘keepers’ were a Utopia and a ZMF Verite Open…


Sold. Thanks for looking!