SOLD: Vintage Siemens E88CC tubes matched pair

Price: $250 OBO
Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental US at no cost; Canada or Europe at cost (FedEx or UPS)

Matched pair of vintage (circa 1969 I am told) Siemens E88CC tubes. These were purchased NOS platinum grade (from Upscale Audio), used by me for about a year so they are well broken in but still have thousands of hours of useful life in them. I treat my tubes with care (i.e. not left on for extended periods, not power cycled often, etc).

These are top grade tubes in their class, generally considered second only to Telefunkens. They sell NOS for upwards of $180 each when you can find them. Their sound is clean & linear with exceptional holography & finesse.

*Note: I also have a Schiit Valhalla 2 in “Like New” condition that these work extraordinarily well in that I will include (w/ upgraded Foton power tubes) for an additional $100. That’s MSRP for the amp plus $50 for the best tubes that money can buy.

Also willing to sell the Valhalla 2 separately for $200.

Free Shipping within the US via FedEx or UPS; to Canada or Europe at cost. Payment by Paypal (price net to me) or Venmo. I’ve bought & sold from several regulars here and am myself a regular here, but for good measure:

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