SOLD Woo Audio WA22 Gen2 with upgraded tubes


Price: 2400
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

photos available here

Hey all selling the amazing Woo Audio WA22 gen2 in black (with the balanced preamp capability).
Amp is in perfect condition and I’ve moved to a single ended system (with the Enleum Amp-23r) so no need for this anymore.

With the amp I’ll include some upgrade tubes shipped in a separate box:

  • 1 - Sophia Electric 274B Mesh Plate Tube (retail $200)
  • 2 - Sylvania JAN CHS 6SN7WGT (NOS Matched pair value $200)
  • 2 - Tung-sol JAN-6SU7GTY (NOS matched pair value $200)

Asking for $2400 (this package retails for $3300), payment through paypal F&F.
G&S please add $85. Shipping to CONUS included.

Local pick up in San Francisco Bay Area preferred, will negotiate price if buyer is local.

Willing to hear offers or answer more questions.