SOLD: Woo WA5-LE w/ Tube Upgrades - $3,150

Woo Audio WA5-LE Headphone Amplifier

Price: $3,150
I will cover PayPal goods and services fees, thus fully protecting the buyer
Buyer pays shipping. TWO boxes measuring 22" L x 12" W x 10" H, each about 35lbs, shipping from 10027


  • Woo WA5-LE Amplifier (2nd generation)
  • Original PSVane 300B (power) and 5U4G (rectifier) tubes
  • Full set of upgraded tubs: Genelex Gold Lion PX-300B, Sylvania 6SN7, Brimar 5Z4G (~$750, if bought new/NOS)
  • Original power cable
  • Original boxes


I absolutely love this amp. Anyone who has followed my posts in this forum will know that I have bought or demoed a good number of tube amps over the past few years trying to “beat” this amp (personal preference caveat applies, of course), and this is the one that has always stayed in my rack. It was not until I spent double the MSRP of this amp that I landed on one that I preferred, and even then, I am sure there are folks who would prefer the WA5-LE, especially for harder-to-drive headphones. My main headphone is a Focal Utopia, and this amp is lovely with them. It is also widely regarded as pairing exceptionally with more power-hungry headphones, like offerings from Hifiman, Abyss, ZMF, Beyerdynamic, and others.

This amp is fine with stock tubes, but absolutely shines with carefully selected upgrades. I am including such a set for the buyer, as well as stock tubes as a backup. I find this amp to generally have excellent weight, clarity, and a black background (tunable with nulling pots). It performs incredibly well out of both single-ended and balanced outputs. The amp is in perfect operating condition. It has a few cosmetic scuffs, which I have captured in detail in the photos section.

It’s a beautiful beast, but make sure your audio rack is prepared to handle 70 lbs of amplifier (35 lbs per chassis). I personally love its aesthetic, but it’s important the buyer be prepared to accommodate its size and heft. Full details available on the Woo Audio website.

Tube Details:

  • Includes stock PSVane 300B & 5U4G tubes. Very low hours.

  • Gold Lion PX-300B

    • New: $400 / matched pair
    • Hours: ~400
  • Brimar 5Z4G

    • NOS: ~$150 / matched pair (can vary quite a bit)
    • Hours: ~500
  • Sylvania 6SN7

    • NOS: ~$200 / matched pair (can vary quite a bit)
    • Hours: ~400
  • Takatsuki 300B

    • New: $1,700 / matched pair
    • Asking: $950
    • Hours: ~1,000
    • Listening Notes: Crystal clarity across the entire range, with exceptional weight and control. Top echelon of 300B tubes.
  • RCA VT-231 (6SN7 Compatible)

    • NOS: ~$225 / matched pair (can vary quite a bit)
    • Asking: $150
    • Hours: ~100
    • Listening Notes: More buttery/velvety than Sylvania or Tung Sol (NOS) tubes

I am more than happy to reply to messages or even hop on a call with prospective buyers. All optional tubes and accessories will be reserved for the buyer of this amp until 8/21, at which point, I will accept offers for the optional extras separately.

Happy listening!


Amp with INCLUDED tube upgrades:

Takatsuki 300B

RCA VT-231

PS Audio AC-5



Oh Andris, this kind of breaks my heart a little but I totally understand. That DNA Stratus leaves a different footprint. :slight_smile:

I’m wishing you well and best of luck and whoever buys this amp is one lucky S.O.B!!

Also. To try and help out I think those VT231 (6SN7GTA) would be a good fit with my WA 22. If you don’t end up finding a prospective buyer for those tubes, I’ll buy them from you. Shipping would be to Canada. PM myself or on here if nobody buys them.

Thanks Andris and I’ve enjoyed watching your Hi-Fi adventures.

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Stellaris :slight_smile:

Thank you, and I agree. This amp is awesome. I already miss it, and it’s sitting next to me. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ll give prospective buyers the promised week, but barring that, you’re first in line :slight_smile:

Quick bump. I have a serious offer only slightly below asking price. Full price until the end of the weekend, after which, I’ll take that offer (if still there), and the amp is gone.

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beautiful amp + tubes here… GLWS

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SOLD! I’m going to miss this sucker. LOVE this amp, and can’t recommend it enough.