SOLD - WTS: Ampsandsound & Forge tube amplifier 8 & 100 ohm version + NOS Tube Bundle

Ampsandsound & Forge Tube Amplifier 8 & 100 ohm version

Price: $2100
Ships to: USA
Shipping cost: I’d prefer to split the cost of shipping with the buyer, as the package will be big and heavy, and I will be shipping it insured.

This includes a power cable, the stock JJ tubes and the hard case it came shipped in. I very much enjoy this amp, but at this point I’d like to diversify the allocation of my funds. I’m enjoying the synergy between the GS-X Mini and the D8000 Pro and now am ready to move on. If you’re unfamiliar with the Forge, it’s essentially a modified version of the Mogwai by A&S to my understanding.

NOS Tube Bundle

I went all out on tubes for this amp, and will be selling the following set of tubes as a bundle. At this time I am not interested in selling individual tubes from this set, and would prefer to sell everything together. The bundle includes:

2 x RCA Red Base 5692
2 x RCA Red Base 5691
4 x Tung-Sol 6550
2 x Sylvania VT-229
2 x RCA VT-229
2 x RCA 6L6GT
2 x Siemens EL34
4 x TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) 6L6GCM-STR

If you purchase the bundle separately from the amp, I would request $700 given the price of all the tubes (IMO that’s still a fantastic deal if you browse the going rates for the tubes on ebay). If you buy it with the amp as a bundle, I’ll do it for $500. As a complete bundle for $2600, you’d be set with a very very good tube amp for both planars and dynamic driver headphones with some best in slot NOS tubes that should cover you for years to come. Given the amp alone retails for $2800, I’m hoping someone takes advantage!

I have plenty of references on here, Head-fi and Audiogon if you want to vet me!


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Bumping this up with a price drop!

Bumping this up with another price drop!

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