Sold: [WTS/WTT] JH Audio Layla Universal (Siren Series) - 12 Balanced Armature, Carbon Fiber Shell

For your consideration is my JH Audio Layla, a 12 Balanced Armature TOTL from Jay Harvey and Astell & Kern (Siren Series).

I am the second owner of this unit and the unit is in perfect shape, apart from some scratches on the plastic bezel (that is why I am giving it 8/10 - see pictures. I know some people will be bothered, that is why I am being very honest here). The Carbon fiber shell, as you can expect, is in mint condition. The unit plastic bezel was scratched by the previous owner and this unit has been well taken care during my 6 month ownership. If you are looking for a warm, engaging, and detailed sound, and be able to control the amount of bass (through the cable), look no further.

I am selling to be able to try out other IEM and Headphone signatures. I am open to offers and trades so feel free to leave me an offer in case there is any interest. I am particularly looking for Headphones, IEMs and Desktop DAC/AMP combos.

Price: 1000 USD
Shipping: US/Canada


  • IEMs
  • Carbon Fiber Case
  • SE Cable (3.5mm) with Manual Low-end Tuning
  • SE Cable (1/4 inch) with Manual Low-end Tuning
  • Balanced Cable. (2.5mm) with Manual Low-end Tuning
  • 1 Screwdriver for Low-end tuning
  • 1 Cleaning/Wax Tool
  • Set of Foam tips

Thank you for reading.


You have a PM :slight_smile:

This item has been sold. Thank you,.

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New amp on the way? :smiley:

Nope LOL…

Focal Clear and JH Audio Billie Jean :wink:


Nice, Congrats! 10c limit