SOLD: ZMF LTD Verite Closed Olive

Price: $2350
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA
It’s with a heavy heart that I list my LTD Olive Verite Closed up for sale. The reason I’m selling is that the transmission went out in my wife’s car, and we ended up having to buy a replacement vehicle unexpectedly. Used car prices are insane right now!

I made the decision to stick with the Auteur for now and free up some funds by letting the Verite Closed go. I’ll hopefully be able to own one again.

This set is a beautiful representation of Olive wood and is probably my favorite that I have seen. It comes with the following:

•Seahorse case
•Auteur Solid Lambskin pads (installed)
•Universe Solid Lambskin pads
•Stock balanced cable
•Owner’s card

Price is $2350 net to me. I’ll let the buyer choose the shipping method. Payment through PayPal. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking,


Boy those would go so well with the 2k copper cable I bought from you……

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They look really handsome with my current 2K cable as well!

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A little price drop to entice some more interest.

I have the same VC’s and they are gorgeous and sound fantastic.


These are gorgeous! My ears want to make an offer, but my wallet says… “no you just bought the Audeze LCD-XC” =p


I know how you feel. XC’s are amazing though. Top 5 in closed back designs easily.

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Dropped the price again. I’m avoiding listening to these anymore so I won’t change my mind about selling them!

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It’s a beautiful set - I have the same - and it’s a fair price, so grab them and spare yourself 3 months’ wait for a VC. And forget about the fact that these aren’t even available anymore.


Hear, hear @Sturosen! This is a significantly discounted price for a lovely set of cans.