Sold ZMF VC Burl

Price: 2600.00
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

I’ve finally decided that it’s time to let these amazing burl VC go. They are one of the best examples of camphor burl that I have seen and are absolutely stunning. The have aluminum hardware, which some may think isn’t as good as the magnesium, but I think it’s better because they aren’t painted so you won’t get any chipping or peeling making them much more durable. They come with the suede strap which takes the comfort to a level very close to using a pilot pad but it looks a thousand times better. They are in excellent condition with the only exception being some scuffing on the rose gold rods which I have pictured. They come with solid Universe and Auteur pads, both in excellent condition. They also come with a balanced Verite Hybrid cable which is a really really nice cable and compliments the VC perfectly. They also have the wooden display box.

My asking price includes fully insured shipping in CONUS. I would really appreciate friends and family given the new reporting laws but we can work something out if your aren’t comfortable with that. Take a look at my feedback here and I can show you feedback elsewhere if you’d like.



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Shouldn’t be an issue given you’re likely selling these for a loss. No profit/no tax.