SOLD: ZMF Vérité Closed Cocobolo

Cost 2500:

I am selling ZMF Vérité Closed in cocobolo wood, it was received last Saturday and has seen minimal use since then.
What it comes with
Wooden ZMF box
Cables: OFC in 4 pin XLR and stock 1/4 in
First pad: auteur lambskin,
Second pad: universe lambskin
Extras: co-pilot pad in lambskin
The $2500 price will include PayPal fees and shipping


Damn, that’s a solid price :eyes:


Why are you selling?

Personally don’t like the tuning of the can prefer my aeolus and hd800 over these.


My heart says yes, but my brain says no. I don’t even have an amp I can use to drive them currently.


Good luck selling them! Wish it were to me.

They are stunningly gorgeous.

Aeolus is definitely a great headphone. Good luck with your sale.

The headphones have been sold sorry for anyone who was interested.


That’s the one thing about ZMF, you can sell them without severe depreciation. Congrats!

Do you have Auteur by chance?

No I haven’t tried auteur yet but heard good things about them

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Could you provide any feedback on if the verite could be heard by others in the same room?

I need as little sound leakage as possible.


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I found the VC to be very good at noise isolation in fact when I have it my hand and put a little pressure almost all the noise is gone from it.

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Thanks! I just tried some closed backs that were not sufficient and my wife could hear all my music.

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I have two pairs of Aeolus, and am waffling between Auteur and Verite. Decisions…

coming from aeolus to vertie was very jarring to me and as you can see above wasn’t a fan of the verite sound, I personally think you should either demo it first or buy used due to how unique vertie sounds especially the closed back variant


Thanks. I’m probably going to stick to open. Verite or Auteur. I only need closed for late night office listening. The living room is good for open cans late at night. Really comes down to the wood offerings.

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Yeah I was told by others that I would have preferred the VO over VC but wanted to try out the reverb, I would always say email Zach you never know what he might happen to have and is a very nice person to talk to.


I just bought a set of Dan Clark Audio Aeon Noire (right here on Really nice and comfortable closed cans. I also have Ether CX and the first version Aeon Flow Closed. The Dan Clark stuff is great. Worth a demo if you need a nice closed set of headphones.

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Thanks for the sale @RatRage! I’ve been biding my time waiting for a VC to show up, and today was the day. VC vs. VO has been on my to-do list for quite a while so I’m excited to finally see what all the hype is about!

I’m also stoked about the LTD cocobolo - looking forward to seeing them in 3D :nerd_face:


Hope they find a good home with you such a beautiful set, would love to hear your thoughts on them as well.

Congratulations! Definitely provide feedback! I am watching VC and Eikon waiting for the right time.

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