SOLD: ZMF Verite LTD (Ziricote) [Polished Steel/Charcoal-Bronze] + Salire Stand (Katalox) & Bonus Amp

Price: $2,395
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my Vérité LTD (Ziricote) open-back headphones.

This is my 2nd pair, bought for use in my office, which I no longer need (I’m keeping my other set of Cocobolo Vérité LTD open for continued use at home).

They are in functionally and cosmetically perfect condition. Kept in a child, pet, smoke, cologne and virus free office environment. No marks, scratches, dents or dings at all. Pads are new (I have dozens of ZMF pads and just swapped new ones onto these).

Pictures show some variance in color/tone due to the natural chatoyance of the wood/finish. Vivid ink-line grain-structure, deep, dark, brown finish that flashes to almost orange in the right light (see pictures). Only selling because I no longer need two pairs and I have an aesthetic preference to my Cocobolo set.

Sale includes:

  • Vérité LTD (open-back) in Ziricote - w/ polished steel grilles/rods and charcoal-bronze chassis.
  • “Universe” lambskin perforated pads (installed)
  • “Vérité” lambskin perforated pads
  • ZMF Mahogany presentation case
  • 5-foot ZMF headphone cable w/ 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS plug
  • Original warranty card (I am the original owner).
  • ZMF Salire headphone stand (in Katalox)

If you are interested I will include this fun little amp at no charge (just let me know you want it). It’s by no means the best way to get the most out of the Vérité - but it is a pleasant, and fun, way to experience them (and I need to free up the space).

Price includes PayPal fees and fully insured premium shipping.

Save 6-12 weeks in build-time, and see the wood you’re getting ahead of purchase …

Potentially interested in trades (with appropriate cash adjustments) for ZMF Auteur and/or Atticus … but will be looking for specific finishes and hardware (e.g. very light-stained, highly-figured, ambrosia maple with polished steel hardware and/or camphor burl with pronounced burls on both cups). Will also consider partial trades against DNA amplifiers (if current spec and flawless).

Must have appropriate trader feedback and/or site participation.


Damn it, Torq. I don’t need this temptation right now!

It’s a fantastic price. Ziricote LTD cups are no longer being made, and those have unusually high figuring and striping. (It’s also my favorite wood). I know first hand how well Torq takes care of his stuff.

Someone buy this before I do something foolish. Thanks.



You’re safe!

These are now sold!


Damn it!

I mean… Good! Congrats.