Sold: ZMF Verite Open Ltd Mahogany

Selling my VOs. Just not using them. LTD Mahogany. Comes with an extra set of pads, wooden box, and your choice of either a 6.5 ft Artic cable (purple), or a 12ft custom made cable. The both sound great, the Artic cable is probably the better choice unless you need the length, the longer one is a bit stiff and microphonic.
The left set screw is a bit hinky, will need replacement at some point. Also there is a nick in the right cup. I tried to capture these in the pictures, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Edit: I’ve had a couple of people asking why I’m not using them much. The answer is because I also have a set of VC’s and although they sound very similar, I prefer the sound of the closed version. These still sound incredible, but I really don’t need 2 sets of $2000+ cans at the moment.