Stax amplification and computer

On impulse I bought a pair of Stax SR5 (?) electret ‘easpeakers’. I know how to hook them up to my main analog setup but I’m wondering about using them with my computer driven system.
I understand I’ll need an amplifier but not sure about how to send audio signal from computer to amp?
and while we’re discussing amps what kind of power will the stax need? I’m thinking a class T type amp to start with, eventually moving up to something a bit more ‘robust’.

You’ll need to connect the amp to a DAC and then if the DAC has a USB output, connect it to a computer. If you don’t have one with USB out, you’ll need an SPDIF to USB converter like the Schiit Eitr or Gustard U12.

I’ve posted a few things regarding my set of Stax SR5N, which was the model just after the SR5. Look HERE for a link to the manual and specification. If you are using an energizer, either the SRD-4 or SRD-6, which would be correct for your SR5 phones, you would want about 8 watts per channel. I used them with amps of 20 to 70 watts per channel.

As far as getting sound out of your computer, you seem to have realized that most headphone out from computers are pretty horrible. However, depending on your style, you could go with a high end sound card or a USB-DAC. You don’t need much power to go from the computer to amplifier, so something like a Dragonfly Black works fine. I use that with the Jitterbug when I want to pull sound out of either my laptop or my MacMini. The Mac Mini’s audio out is not horrible by itself.