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“Is headphone XXX better than YYY?” or “what’s the best DAC for $200” or “should I spend $200 on a cable or buy some ice-cream” threads are of limited/very-specific interest and are better served with specific questions in a dedicated advice/question thread … i.e. THIS thread … (which will generally get more overall traffic anyway).

We will be moving such discrete posts/threads to this more general threads we feel is appropriate. It is not a personal thing … just something we want to do in the interests in managing the number of useful threads/topics vs. those that are more “noise”.


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Thanks for the message. We’re on it and will handle thIs through email.


I am considering moving my ifi Nano iDSD BL DAC/Amp such that a roughly 6’ USB cable run will be required. Would this kind of setup maybe benefit from the use of a Jitterbug filter just before the DAC due to noise that might be picked up in such a USB cable run. Other suggestions as how to best handle this - better USB cable (what would that be), or maybe “don’t worry about it”.



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The Nano iDSD already has a version of iFi’s iPurifier built-in, which is their version of the Jitterbug, so I would say “don’t bother”.


See answer above; for some reason my reply didn’t go to you.

Also, moving this sort of question to the general questions thread as it doesn’t really need its own topic.


Got it - thanks.



i am looking for a pair of used sennheiser hd 800 and was wondering what would be a fair price to pay for a pair used in good condition? i saw a pair on ebay for 700 usd. thanks for any help. i just got a pair of audeze lcd2 c’s and thought i would compare them to a dynamic driver pair. thanks again.

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$700-$800 is about where prices have settled for a good-condition pair of the original HD800, depending on how realistic/optimistic the seller is feeling.

“Good condition” for the HD800 tends to mean that you should expect some minor chips in the paint finish, as they chip fairly easily even in normal use.

Depending on your tonal-preferences you may want to consider a pair that has the “SDR” mod already done to them. It’s not hard to do and fixes a nasty resonant peak around the 6kHz mark, so it’s something you can do yourself - but it is very common to find used sets with this already done.


Looking for Wired IEM’s … to wear in activities like walking the dog, etc. It would be paired with a Dragonfly Red and a recent technology Android Smartphone (probably playing downloaded Tidal stuff). My budget is $150.

I have a strong preference for a design similar to the Etymotic ER4SR and ER4XR that I can kind of “shove straight into my ear”. I prefer something fairly flat in response but for this application my sonic requirements are not stringent.

Suggestions? Thanks.


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I have some ‘audio’ files that come in a .flv wrapper but are mostly just audio (no video) - from what I have read this would strongly imply that the audio is encoded as an mp3.

How would I go about verifying what is actually in there and, assuming that is it an mp3, what ‘level’ of encoding is it (320Kbps?, etc).




I think that I will answer my own question. is the answer that I needed.


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In need some help. I purchased a portable amp to use with my headsets while traveling and I cant get it to work. I need to know how exactly does it connect to my Samsung note 8 cell. The 1st try was plugging it from the USB 2 port to my cell’s USB c port that didnt work. Someone told me I needed a otg cable which I have but I need to know how does the otg cable connect to the teac with a female 2.0 end? The other end being connect to the cell’s USB c port. I also need to know how to specifically enable external USB audio on my note 8. I opened up developer options and cant find it. Thanks for the help. Probably the only person that can help is someone that has a teac ha-p50 amp connected to there android phone. Thanks

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Apples to oranges, but I just plugged in my iFi NiBL into my work Samsung Galaxy 8 USB-C and it worked Plug and Play style…

But another solution is just a simple aux audio cable from the headphone jack on the note 8 right into the front of the Teac… that technically should do the job.

Also there are smarter people than me in this regard, that will probably have a more definitive answer for you.

go to settings and enable the following if it is disabled:

Media Options

  • Disable USB audio routing: Enabling this will disable automatic routing to USB audio peripherals, like a USB DAC.

It should “just work” as @DarthPool describes - and if it doesn’t it is likely to be down to either the TEAC HA-P50 not being recognized by the version of Android you’re running or, more likely, your cable isn’t the right one.

So, to start with, get a cable like this one.

Hook the phone and DAC up and make sure the DAC is turned on, and the switch on the back of the DAC is in the middle position.

Then, in whatever you’re using to play music, select the TEAC DAC as your output (how to do this varies by player/client). Depending on how USB Audio Routing (Settings, Media Options) is configured this may happen automatically.

If you still can’t see the TEAC unit as an output option, then it’s probably not supported by your version of Android, in which case you’ll need to use something like “USB Audio Player Pro” (UAPP) as your player.


Thanks guys will give it a try with the different cable.

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Got the cable and it works the same way it worked when hooked up to my PC. Tho I don’t understand that the instructions state the USB 2.0 port is to be used when connecting to the cell and that doesn’t work lol. Thanks to all for the help. The teac works great on the HD800’s and audeze lcd2c’s whereas you couldn’t hear hardly anything without it from the cell directly.


Just read a review of the Sony ZX300 that lauded its sound except for perceptible hiss with highly sensitive IEMs and even phones with sensitivity at 120ohms. Can anyone confirm this? I believe Torq has spent some time with this DAP.

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