Thieaudio In-Ear Monitors

So the “electrostatic” drivers – are they really electrets? Or isn’t that known?

I think it’s some sort of electrets. I’m sure some people know and I might be able to do a bit of digging but I don’t want to make any definitive statements since I lack the technical knowledge to back it up.


How’s the Legacy 4 with foam tips?

Here’s the measurements of the Thieaudio Monarch vs the Clairvoyance I have here. Keep in mind this uses the GRAS RA0402 coupler and not the 0045 equivalent commonly seen. The RA0402 reduces the coupler resonance the 0045 has at around 8khz but it also goes a bit too far, so just keep in mind that these shouldn’t be compared to those done on other rigs.

Interesting to note here as well is that this Monarch has a more gradual slope for the upper bass - notably better than the one Crin measured. I don’t know exactly what’s responsible for this, we both uses the same source (and I’ve tested this on multiple low impedance sources with the same result). Also note that this Clairvoyance has more treble presence above 10khz. So maybe there’s some minor unit variation going on here.

EDIT - here’s the comparison video:


Here’s mine just for fun. :slight_smile: – volume matched at 300Hz like yours


Same one volume matched at 2.5KHz


Yeah yours look more like Crin’s. I’ll be sending these to Precog to see if it’s a coupler/source thing or if there is indeed some unit variation. Also, I should note that for my measurements I was using the 3.5mm adapter onto the 2.5mm cable. I wonder if that has something to do with it. It’s not the impedance adapter (although I have that too). So it could be that the included adapter has some influence? But then again I’m using it on both, so it would only be having an influence on the Monarch if that’s the case.

I measured with my own cables because that 2.5mm cable with adapters is bad bad bad.

Just switched cables, same result. Oh well, off to Precog they go haha.

Do your channels match fairly well?

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Channel matching is good:

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Check out @Precogvision’s review of the Thieaudio Legacy 4:


@Resolve Just watched the wonderful comparison vid. Would you be more specific about which genres Monarch/ Clairvoyance. For instance, for piano, violin, string quartet, orchestra music, acoustic rock, electronic, etc. Thanks. Not a big fan of vocal, so which one is better suited for me? Thanks

Acoustic/orchestral, both are fine. For electronic and other modern genres, probably the Monarch. For rock and metal, Clair (but also look into the SA6 for this, it’s more forgiving).

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@Precogvision nice review! I’ve got a pair of these on order because I prefer the comfort of foam tips but find that they blunt the treble on many IEMs too much (like the Starfield). I’m hoping that with the Legacy 4 starting out a little too spicy, it’ll end up just about right with foams.

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I made this chart for my review a few months ago. I think both do well in all genres though:



I agree with this assessment, although for some jazz the monarch bass shelf is a bit much for me. I’m not Canadian enough haha

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@Resolve, @antdroid, or @Fc-Construct About the Clairvoyance, is there noticeable wind noise when out and about since there’s a vent at the top of the earpieces?

I haven’t noticed it. But maybe one of the others has?

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