Thieaudio Oracle MKII

This is the official thread to discuss the Thieaudio Oracle MKII.

Linsoul was kind enough to send one over for review. Here are the measurements done on the GRAS RA0402:

This is relative to the original Oracle, which I’ve been using lately as a neutral reference point. I figured it’s fine to show it like this since it’s a follow-up.

The main difference between the two is that the Oracle MKII is brighter, with more lower and mid treble energy. Is it better? I’d say just different. For certain genres like jazz, acoustic or classical it does have the effect of ‘lifting the veil’ compared to the original Oracle, however for other more intense genres it can be a bit shrill by comparison.

Technical performance is similar between the two, so I wouldn’t say it’s a meaningful upgrade there.

My personal preference around this price point is still the Dunu SA6, but both of these make for more neutral alternatives that I have an easy time recommending, depending on what you’re after.

I’m doing a live stream review of it here, as well as some Q&A:


How does it compare to the V16 Divinity and/or Monarch MK.2 if you still have those around? I never heard the OG Oracle and my MKII fell prey to the Chinese holiday schedule.

I found the V16 Divinity to be well-tuned but super average sounding for its technical performance. The Monarch MKII is much more technical than both.


Thanks, that helps paint a picture already.