Title edit: Building listening station with Chord Mojo as DAC


I am very much enjoying my Denon D5200s together with my Dragonfly Cobalt connected to my PC/iPhone. Great little setup.

However, I am contemplating building a small (has to be in respect of my relationship :joy:) listening station in the living room to get an improved sq and I am considering using the DF as DAC connected to a balanced headphone amp.

As far as I understand the manual I will connect the DF to my phone, turn the sound level on the phone to max and then connect the DF to the input of the amp.

Any recommendations on amps? Could be Schiit Jotunheim or similar. Also vintage options could be interesting.

Thanks for a great forum!


Why not build a PI for a permanent setup? You can use something like Roon.

If it was me, and you wound up with any of: Jotunheim, Lyr 3 or Asgard 3, Iā€™d stick either the Balanced DAC card or True Multi-Bit DAC Card in the amp, and not bother with the DFC.

Fewer connections, better ergonomics and better sound (the DFC has measured issues at full-output).


There is a myriad of options that I think would serve you a bit better as a dedicated DAC for your listening station

Modi 3 is quite nice if you like how DF Cobalt sounds, and for amps JDS Labs Atom or even Schiit Heresy are both good places to start

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Thanks for all the ideas. I actually just managed to find a near new used Chord Mojo and I am planning to replace my DF Cobalt with it. Would I get any benefit if I stack the Mojo with a quality amp? I will return the DFC to the shop I bought it at. The Mojo was cheaper. So now I have some extra cash to invest in an amp - or another set of headphones :wink: