Tube Rolling with the Bottlehead Crack

Hi all,

As an avid tube roller and owner of a Bottlehead Crack Speedball, I wanted to start a dedicated thread for tube rolling. So please share with us, what tubes you have rolled and enjoyed.

I own and have rolled the following.

Power Tubes

  • Tung Sol 6080 (came as stock)
  • Tung Sol 6080WB (solid graphite plates w/ copper grid post)
  • Chatham 6AS7G
  • Bendix 6080WB (slotted plate w/ copper grid post)
  • Bendix 6080WB ( solid plate w/ steel grid post)
  • Tung Sol 5998
  • RCA 6AS7G (black plate)

Driver Tubes

  • Brimar 6067
  • Brimar ECC82 ( long grey plate square getter 56’)
  • Brimar CV4034
  • Brimar CV4003
  • Brimar 13D5
  • Mullard ECC82 (long plate square getter 57’ K61 Blackburn)
  • Amperex ECC82 (long plate foil d getter 56’)
  • Amperex 7316 (long plate foil d getter 58’)
  • Sylvania Gold Brand 5814A (triple mica square getter & short grey plate)
  • Sylvania JHS 5814A (triple mica square getter & grey short plate)
  • CBS/Hytron 5814A (black plate square getter)

I just bought this one below and should have it soon, but for those that dont know, this is supposed to be one of the best and most rare. We shall see, and I will report back after I get it, and have burned it in properly.

  • Valvo ECC82 (long grey plate, square getter, Hamburg 56’) on the way. . .

For now, my favorite combo is the Bendix 6080WB slotted plate with the Sylvania GB 5814A triple mica, short grey plate, with square getter. This combo is in the pic below, and sounds amazing with my ZMF Aeolus. Overall the sound is punchy, with killer bass, and great separation and air in the mids and highs. The soundstage is wide and has really good height and depth front to back.


Great thread!

I’m not at the tube stage on my journey here, but this is going to be very helpful.

Thank you.


Happy to report, that I have scored my ultimate “Holy Grail” tube! :grin: The Hamburg made ECC82 Long Plate with Foil D Getter from 56’. The acid etched codes are K62 D6H, with K62 signifying the second revision with long plates, the D signifying the Hamburg/Germany factory, and 6 signifying the year 1956. I have read over and over, about how this is one of the best 12au7/ECC82 ever made, and I can confirm that. This tube has it all, and this is the kind of sound I have been hunting for since I started tube rolling. I have been searching every day all day for this tube, going on more than a year now, and I finally scored a pair. I got the pair for only $105, so that in it’s self was incredible, seeing as these tubes easily go for $200 a piece. This tube is so rare, very few have even heard or seen one in person, and I feel very lucky to have found a pair, that is perfectly matched and are quiet as can be. The sound is warm, but detailed, and has a huge soundstage. The delicacy of the notes and how they sustain is breathtaking and I am hearing things in the vocals and instruments as if I am there with the musicians. I don’t have enough adjectives to describe how insane this tube sounds, but I can’t recommend it enough. If you have ever heard a 7316 Long Plate Foil D Getter, this tube sounds similar, but every thing is just a tad better and lifelike sounding, which says a lot.

Hamburg ECC82 Long Plate Foil D Getter 56’