Unique Melody MEST Universals $800 original version

$800 shipped, Venmo or PayPal friends and family to established members

I paid $1100 used just a few months ago to a respected member here and you can get new ones now for $1100 with the release of MKii. I had my impressions made yesterday and about to order custom IEMs.

I have what is pictured and the original external box. Having tried all of the tips myself, I am selling these without tips, if you buy these you will need to get your own tips ordered. I’d read the thread on the forum here for suggestions. The cable is the original with 3.5mm.

Please message me any questions.


So glad you love them to the point where you are ordering customs!


Yeah, they are great man. I have found the RAAL have re-arranged my hearing to the point where everything else sounds less than they did before, except these, they just continue to blow me away. Thanks again!


Bump with revisions.

Shocked these haven’t sold yet. Have you tried /r/avexchange or head-fi? they would sell in an instant there.

I took them down for weeks and just put them up again now that I have my impressions made for customs. I’ll put them up elsewhere after a bit if no one here wants them, but I prefer a friendly transaction here first. My neighbors have spring clean up going now for 5 hours straight with leaf blowers and chan saws, I have had these in all day ignoring it! Awesome bass.

Awesome - I may be getting customs eventually of these too I love them so much, but my focus is currently on getting my full sized to a good place.

Up next is a proper closed back for me since I’ll be hitting a new place in month, likely grabbing a Focal Celestee!

These are SOLD thank you

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