Update:NLFS: Jotunheim V1/Jolida FX Glass DSD Tube Dac/Bifrost 2

Making room for some new stuff. All prices include PayPal and basic shipping. If you are not a regular member or want FedEx with signature, figure another $15-$25. We can work that out if necessary.

Jotunheim V1- I am the second owner, works perfectly, some scratches on the bottom and one decent scuff on the left edge of the front. SOLD!
Jotunheim pics

Jolida FX Glass DSD Tube Dac. Was going to use this at my office as it also has a headphone amp. Things are a bit up in the air, and I don’t have a spot for it. Original box, 8/10 Sold!

Loxjie P20. Comes with 2 Sets of tubes (Soviets +GE) plus tube adapters to use ECC88s. Original box, like new condition SOLD

Matched set of Mullards CV4024 (12AT7/ECC81) NOS purchased from Tube Depot in January. Around 20 hours of use. Sold

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Adding a Schiit Bifrost 2 to the pile. Purchased from Schiit new in September of 2020. Sold!

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