What are you upgrading?



Starting with “no insult intended” is like an insult IMO since you know nothing about me or my experiences.


I think…we should all take a breath for a sec… Now, before responding to someone with a response, it would probably be in everyone’s best interest if you opened their profile and go through their previous posts. Or try and think how you are writing something to maybe not include a specific post/member, and make it more of a general statement to help curb any antagonistic dialogue from emerging. This is especially true if you don’t know their background, but we are all/mostly adults (I’m a child stuck in a man’s body myself) and should try and be mature about all this. I’m no saint and have had my fair share of internet debates. Anyhow back on task let’s keep it civil…kisses and hugs lol


That is absolutely true. I was writing as if you don’t have the experience and I really did not intend any insult. It was a possible explanation and that is why it started the way it did. If you do have the experience then it is not applicable to you.


Life is analog, digital is just samples thereof

Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong. For those of us who remember:

Buffalo Springfield.

This has nothing to do with audio, but …

I once underwent training to become a mediator. The professor was himself a mediator who specializes on Latin America, and in particular conflicts involving indigenous peoples. Consequently, he spent some effort on impressing upon us that different cultures use very different communication styles and that this carries over into how they engage in and resolve conflict. To give one example, Russians (and to perhaps a lesser extent my people the Germans) value directness, to the point where they might find the sort of indirect friendliness practiced here in the American south to be insulting. I’m reminded of this difference whenever I return to my native land and need to remind myself that people aren’t intentionally being rude to me, but rather are simply used to a different way of interacting in public. We humans tend to be fiercely defensive of our culture to the point where violations of cultural norms can really set us off, and it sometimes takes real self control for me not to go flying off the handle!

I mention this because on the Internet, we frequently come into contact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds without even knowing it, and it becomes easy to feel ones own cultural norms violated. And that’s not mentioning the fact that humans rely heavily on visual and other sensory queues as part of our communication, especially in emotionally elevated situations, and these queues are of course completely absent in written discussions. Before getting worked up about something we read online, it’s definitely good to take a beat as @TylersEclectic suggests, and give our fellow netizens the benefit of the doubt.


Time to get this topic on course. " What are you upgrading? "

The rest is in the past and the music is what it’s all about.


It’s not much of an “upgrade”, but having realized that I really like the Sabre sound (at least as it’s implemented in my V20), I want something that I can keep hooked up to my Magni 3 and just feed from Roon. I could have gone for a known quantity like the Topping D50, but instead I decided to get a Nobsound NS-DAC3 Pro.

Nobsound makes some cheapo tube amps that receive some decent feedback. I’ve never seen anyone talking about their DACs, which tickles my bargain-hunter curiosity. The thing also has a built-in headphone amp that’s specified as putting out a good bit of power, so I’m interested about that end of it as well. With both an optical and a USB input, I can feed it either from a Chromecast Audio or one of my many Raspberry Pi boxes. The built-in bluetooth also seems handy for when I find myself wanting to watch some videos on the laptop.

Honestly, I’m not expecting a whole hell of a lot, but I’m open to being pleasantly surprised. For fun, I’m actually having the unit shipped directly to Amir from Audio Science Review for measurement before I even get my hands on it. If it turns out to be something that measures well and sounds decent once I get to hear it, it would be a fun thing to be able to recommend as an entry-level Sabre desktop all-in-one.


Looks nice. It’s tough to go wrong with the Sabre 9038 . :wink:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, though as I understand it, there’s a lot that goes into actually implementing the DAC into a complete circuit where there’s actually plenty that could go wrong.

Still considering an upgrade to my Dragon Fly Red which I really like. However I think I’d like more extended highs and lows. Torq suggested the Grace M900 or the ifi Macro. Both are nice. But I’m leaning toward the Grace. I know the Mojo is in the same price range but there are things about the design that turn me off.

An interesting point. I work in Cyber Security and deal with these kind of issues on a regular basis. On the internet you cannot help but run afoul of someone else’s feelings, point of view or whatever. We all operate differently.

We have all have had exchanges with other people where those exchanges didn’t go well and we could not figure out why. Or even more common, how many of us have tried to explain to our wife or girlfriend something that went terribly wrong.

I cannot count the number of times I ended up apologizing for something I had no idea I did. As years went by and experience taught more lessons, it got easier and these type thing became less of a problem. Nonetheless they can happen.

I only wanted to illustrate a typical situation where a person could misunderstand and get listening wrong, or maybe, not as intended. It was no crime and only a case of inexperience. All the same it was not taken well.

I suppose I should have not written it at all or written it in a better way. I really didn’t want to offend anyone. Life is too short for that. It was not my intention and I offer my apologies to anyone offended.



I think we’re all copacetic! My reflections were as much a reminder to myself as anything else, as I can find myself easily caught up in the whole objectivist-subjectivist debate, as often in unhealthy ways as not.

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No problem…I just wanted to say what I said so I cleared my mind and made sure I cleared that issue up as well as it could be.


Just checking in to give appreciation for all the mentions and that I am glad I have been able to help people along the way.

I did indeed just move to San Diego in the last couple weeks and my life has been a crazy mess with finishing grad school, finishing scientific articles for publication, and starting a new job. My audio gear has basically been boxed up for over a month now and I’ve been mostly “surviving” on my T2s, ZS6, and Andromedas. I’m still not fully settled into my new place and I’m still living out of boxes, but I at least finally got a chance to open up my EC ZDT Jr amp and give it a listen with HD800. So far it is stellar and I am really liking it. Eventually I will get around to pairing it with my other headphones and comparing it to my other amps like Valhalla 2, but for now I am pretty satisfied and it was worth the really long MD wait. Oh and I also recently picked up an HD58X for cheap and just started listening to that as well. Really solid value for sure. I have no use for it, but it is fun to mess around with.

Anyways, I’m easing back into headphones, but once I am fully up and running I’ll participate more and put out a ton more reviews.


Currently I am trying to upgrade my gaming rig. I was using a Logitech G430 for PC and PS4 gaming. Sound was lackluster but I enjoyed the easy to use USB. Just plug into the PC or plug into the PS4 and everything was ready to go. I didn’t like being tied to wires, and the surround sound was less than optimal. I wanted something that was wireless with good sound so I can game wherever I wanted and with good sound to boot.

I had purchased the Audeze Mobius during the pre-order on Audeze’s website and received the headphones last week. upon first glance they sounded amazing and the feature set included was immense. USB, Bluetooth, 3D surround, on the fly EQ, and more. However when delving further into the features I found that the Mobius wouldn’t really do what I wanted. First off on the PC I couldn’t connect wirelessly and use both the microphone and headphones at the same time. In order to play games and get both microphone and headphone working it is required to connect via USB. I tried using a bluetooth dongle but it required APTX LL in order to transmit both communications, a feature which the Mobius does not have. That same was true for PS4, and even worse on Xbox as you can only use the supplied 3.5mm cable into the controller.

So in essence the Mobius only works for gaming with a wired connection, unless you don’t want to talk. They work great as listening devices. Games sound real and detailed while music comes to life. But the moment you want to add in a bit of discord or party chat it falls flat, at least wirelessly. So I was left still needing to scratch that itch.

Fast forward to a impulse visit to Best Buy and I now own a pair of Steel Series Arctic Pro Wireless headphones. These are not nearly as full sounding as the mobius, though they do well enough in games as to not be an issue. The real plus is that they are completely wireless on both PC and PS4, using a separate box to decode and transmit audio over 2.4ghz wireless. By connecting this box via optical and USB you can listen in full 7.1 surround sound and chat to your hearts content. I am a happy wireless gamer now.

I will hopefully post some full reviews and impressions of these headphones soon, once I get settled with them.

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I think the big issues with Mobius and windows are really windows problems. Other headsets get away with it by having the separate box in the chain to mix the sound so windows doesn’t have to.

Bluetooth with Windows is awful.

Most of that is because of the codecs used. APTX is a pretty widely used codec for higher intensity applications like high fidelity audio or communications mix. Some windows components come with this codec already available. Motherboards and prebuilt systems included. However you can get Bluetooth dongles like the Avantree Leaf which I am using that have these features and Windows will recognize it a s a USB headset. The problem is that the mobius doesn’t support this codec. The codec it does support (LDAC) is only used on very niche components (Mostly SONY and Android O devices). If Mobius could support APTX codec (Would require a new chip I believe) than we could use it for these purposes. I wouldn’t put the blame solely on Windows since it can be very adaptable to different use cases via codec manipulation. There is no LDAC dongle I believe to solve this issue.

The thing that gets me is that the mobius was advertised as a wireless gaming headset, which it does great wired, but wirelessly needs a bit of work to be a good gaming headset.


I guess perhaps in my case I have had zero luck getting a consistent bluetooth experience using Windows 10 on several different computers and about 4 - 5 different headphones/headsets. The only times they work is if the headphone manufacturer supplied its own bluetooth/wireless adapter (logitech/plantronics) or it has a separate mix board (Astro, for example). At a bare minimum, SBC should be working better than it is since thats a standard bluetooth protocol. It shouldnt have to rely on AptX for communication to work correctly. Our androids, iPhones and car stereos have no issues with using SBC.

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SBC is great but it is a low bandwidth protocol and while most headphones support it, it isn’t on all headphones. Mobius supports it, but it doesn’t support high fidelity audio or communications over that codec. I always need a separate Bluetooth dongle when working with Windows because the default Bluetooth drivers and such are like working with printers. When they want to work, they work but more often than not it takes a lot of cursing and kicking to get them to work.

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