Sennheiser HD 600 over-ear open-back Headphone - Official Thread


This is the official thread to talk about the Sennheiser HD 600.


I think everyone in this hobby should own this once. It’s not the best headphone in the world, but it’s a great way of seeing what your preferences are because it’s the “flattest” headphone one can get at a reasonable price. From there, you can figure out what you feel the HD600 is missing and work from there.

On its own, it’s one of my favorite <$300 headphones. I do feel like it’s a bit shouty since I have a 1kHz sensitivity, and it could use some more treble extension, and definitely has a similar “lack of resolution” feeling that I get from the HD650, but it really doesn’t get much wrong. It’s easy to see why these have been in production for 20 years.


The Sennheiser HD600 is/was the first “better” headphone that I bought. I bought them quite a number of years ago and still using the same pair. The challenge is jumping into that foxhole of what might/is better. For ausdiphiles,so many factors have been presented as having an impact towards better sound. Power Supply? Interconnects? Software? Hardware? It can drive you nuts.

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I am still enjoying my HD600s after at least 10 years. I am still using them with my custom PPA with STEPS power supply. I just switched to a Modi 2 Uber DAC when I upgraded to a new desktop computer. I have occasionally gotten the upgrade itch but have not been able to justify replacing my Senns.


I agree with the sentiment that everyone should own this once, that’s my mantra. They’re a great value proposition in a hobby that can balloon into crazy prices easily. I own three headphones: Audio Technica Ad2000, Sennheiser HD600, and the Cascadia Audio Talos 2. The HD600 will remain in my inventory even if I don’t use them daily.


I agree, it makes a great reference. I have three headphones in my stable (not counting IEMs), the HD 600, the LCD2C and the DT 1990. I pretty much never listen to the HD 600 except when I’m reviewing a new headphone, and then it goes back into its box. It’s not that it’s a bad headphone, but compared to other high-end headphones it always seems to lack something (e.g. bass extension vs the LCD2C or clarity vs the DT 1990). If I wasn’t a headphone snob, I would have probably stopped at the HD 600 and would just enjoy listening to it.


HD600 is my first and only pair of “great” headphones so far, and I’m loving the hell out of it. There are probably just one or two songs that I have not enjoyed listening to with this pair. Just about everything sounds good to me so far, and I’m looking forward to keeping these for a good while.


I agree as well. I think it’s the mid range that just keeps me drawn to them. It sounds very natural and organic to my ears.


I love hearing this sort of thing!

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I was able to purchase a pair of these wonderful headphones, found them new/open box for $150. After just 24 hours I am asking myself, what took me so long to pick them up. I will be reviewing them on my YouTube channel in the next few weeks. Here are some initial thoughts, extremely light build that feels quality, warm, lush and neutral with just enough sparkle up top and the best vocal presentation I have heard for under $500.


I shall look forward to seeing it.


After only a few hours with them I totally agree on the smoothness factor assessment. But I do like them a lot, very enjoyable.


I also finally grabbed an HD 600 especially for reviews! That and to have at my Table when I do Head Fi meets as a LOT of the new members like to hear stuff with their HD650s