¿What is detail retrieval?

Hello, I do not have much experience with monster headphones, to assess if the volume is indicative, in my experience, I listen at low volume in conditions without distraction and it is where I visualize tones, timbre and details with their derivatives with greater clarity, on the contrary with the high volume I find everything more direct and present, but that does not give me any indication of recovery of nuances, that is my humble opinion,
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Hello … And what you mention would only enter in over-ear or also in-ear, since the latter are limited by the wave field to reproduce the same density and naturalness of the sound, apart from its speed?

Hello!!! And for in-ears, how is this concept applied?

Detail is different than micro and macro dynamics, so I’m not quite sure what you’re inferring. Sorry.

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An article on the subject of headphone speed: