Which AMP to Try Today?

Down to only 12 amps !!!


What is the red one?

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Great Question.

Its a AGDR designed O2 ODA amp.

ODA Desktop DIY AGDR Headphone Amp

Only about 5 or 6 ever built…its a powerful amp, very clean and I would stack it up against most any SS amp up to $1K or even higher…

AGDR is a wizard that unfortunately has dropped of the radar screen…this amp can be found in a long detailed thread at : Diyaudio ODA Headphone Amplifier

I never had the front cover engraved, should do that some day!!


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The no-whistles black box on the bottom left looks interesting.


Thats a DIY amp that a fellow at diyaudio presented a discrete Class A design called the Terminator or T2 at first and was changed to “Noir”. The PCB and case is sold at the diyaudio store:


It puts out 2 watts of Class A Power. Its a very easy first time headphone amplifier and has a build thread here:

Discussion Thread

And a Build Guide:
Build Guide

Its a really great little amp that sounds nice…lots of power.



That looks like an interesting build, I may actually give it a try.

Is the preamp out fixed or controlled by the volume? Any way of making it a permanent out (always active)?

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Plug straight into the PC motherboard.

Go back to where we all started off with PC based audio.

Here is your answer…


Buy yourself a Headamp GSX-mini. You’ll like it.

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How do you find the Valhalla 2? Everywhere I read people say it is holographic ,energetic in treble, and bass light. I’m interested in your thoughts on it paired with the Bifrost. Was thinking about getting one.

Excellent pairing for high impedance headphones very much like the BH Crack with Speedball with Senn HD600/800s…very very good match.

Less so for below 50 ohm cans IMO, mainly the bass…

Solid OTL design, gobs of power…


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