Why does music sound better on mac than windows?

Yeah, we’d need more info on that. The file could be 192 and the player could say it can handle 192 but then the USB driver could be choking it. It would be great if the DAC had a display or color code to show what it’s receiving.

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The Ares front LEDs does show base frequency of 48 kHz with a 4x multiplier so I believe this confirms it’s receiving this type of signal(?) from the windows machine. Still haven’t had time to sit down and listen to see if the problem has gone away after fixing the speaker config.

Thanks for the clues and thoughts on this @johnjwall

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I love trying to figure this stuff out because I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about :laughing:


Props to this thread–it prompted me to check “Sound” setting in Win7Pro Control Panel. Sure enough, output of this driver was set to 16 bit/96K, not good because the device is a 24/192 SPDIF converter (Musical Fidelity 24/192).

Set it to 24 bit/196K, tested on browser & JRiver. All is well. Thanks!