Winter Garage Sale

Currency: USD
Ships to: Continental USA

I am clearing out a bunch of items I’ve acquired over the past few years which don’t get as much use these days. Hoping to save up for (or trade for) a Hugo 2 & 2go. Happy to post more pictures etc.

Headphones / IEMs

  • Massdrop HD58X SOLD
  • Massdrop x Hifiman HE4XX $110
  • Etymotic ER4XR $125
  • Drop Panda (New In Box) $200
  • Campfire Audio Solaris SE (OG, pre-2020) B-Stock $1050
  • Fiio FH7
  • IKKO OH10 $100
  • Blon BL-03 (New In Box) Free to a good home


  • Fiio BTR5 SOLD
  • Fiio M11 Pro $700
  • Dragonfly Cobalt SOLD
  • Chord Mojo + Poly $800


I’d like to buy the fii0 btr5 if still available. I’m in Oakland CA. Thanks.

It is still available. I’ll follow up over DM :+1:

HD58X & BTR5 sold!

Also adding a Drop HE4XX as well for $110.

Is the dragonfly cobalt still available?? I’m in the US. Thanks!

If no one else wants to take the Blons off you, I’d be happy to. My oldest could probably use an alternative to his KZ ZS10 Pro’s.

It is. Will follow up later via DM for details!

Perfect! Please DM a good mailing address.

Fiio FH7 has also sold. Going to list this gear on FB marketplace etc soon so please message if you’re interested!

This is a really duh question but what does ‘OG’ mean in listings?


This is the 2019 variant of the Solaris SE as described in this article: Campfire Audio Solaris SE Review | Headfonics Audio Reviews. OG = original, give or take. In 2020 they released the Solaris 2020 and sometime after that the Solaris Limited Edition. It’s an awesome IEM but doesn’t get as much use as I generally will grab my custom A12t instead.

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