WTB: Meze Silver Plated PCUHD 6.35mm Cable

Price: $1
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA
I just got a Meze Elite and would like to acquire the upgraded Meze silver-plated cable with a 6.35mm connector. My set came with the 4.4mm version, and I didn’t want to mess around with adapters, so I sold it. Please let me know if you happen to have a Meze 6.35mm cable you’re looking to sell. I’d also be interested in another high-quality silver or silver-plated cable in another brand as long as it has a 6.35mm connector.

Changed the ad from a “want to trade” to a “want to buy” since I went ahead and sold my 4.4mm cable to gather some funds to buy the 6.35mm version.

Bump to gain some visibility. Still looking for a good deal on this cable.