WTS Astel & Kern SP1000 + SP1000Amp - 1700 ConUS

Price: 1700
Currency: USD
Shipping: anywhere but buyer pays outside ConUS
Local Pickup: Orange County, CA

Selling my SP1000 + SP1000 Amp combo. I ended up upgrading to a P6 Pro and several separate portable amps and just honestly don’t use it much anymore. Sp1000 is stainless while the amp is copper. Both come with all packaging and accessories as when new. These are priced to sell as I have my eyes on a set of cans from a buddy I need to clear up some cash for. Ill add some better pics in a couple hours, but any questions feel free to ask.

Just as a side not: the sp1k Amp has got some real juice. It runs arya and even diana V2 exceptionally well. Obviously gains to be had from a desktop setup but they aren’t power related ones. Overall signature for these two is well separated and clear with good macro dynamics on both. It took moving to a P6 Pro and a BX2+ to best the sp1k+amp for these cans running portable and that was basically all just in the dac upgrade

Possible Trades:

  • anything from analog squared paper (and especialy TUR-08)
  • bakoon DAC-21, HPA-21, and 13R
  • XiAudio Broadway
  • possibly WA8
  • infinity mk2
  • any totl cans realy, but much prefer those obscure sources above
  • any weird portable crap in general. The less info I can find on Google the better cause I’m a portable hipster apparently…

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