WTS Danacable Lazuli Nirvana for Hifiman/Focal 3.5mm, recently reterminated, 7.5ft


Hi all,

selling my 7.5ft long Lazuli Nirvana cable, terminated in XLR and 3.5mm connectors for Hifiman HPs. I felt the stock connectors were a little loose for my Susvaras, so I had Trevor from Norne Audio reterminate them with brand new Final Audio Designs connectors so now they sit very snugly in the headphones.

Compared these to Vygarde, DHC Prion4 and more and preferred them by a mile, especially when it comes to the added sense of presence and depth they bring to headphones. I am only selling them to fund other audio purchases.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank for looking!