[WTS] [H] ZMF CALDERA LTD [W] PayPal $2800

Price: 2800
Currency: USD
Ships to: Free to United States (Can ship to Hawaii for $100 extra)

Pictures: ZMF CALDERA SHOU SUGI BAN LTD - Album on Imgur

This is my Caldera Shou Sugi Ban from December 2023 in a gorgeous natural finish, with well matched wood grain. Included are the Caldera stock pads, Caldera thick pads and the Dekoni LCD suede pads that DMS recommended on the headphone show channel. I completely agree that those Dekoni pads are the best for this headphone.

I will also include the mantle mesh and an upgrade cable that is shown in the pictures. The ZMF salire stand is not included.

Free shipping to USA except to Hawaii which I will charge $100 extra.

Any questions let me know. Thanks for looking.

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