WTS - LCD-XC with X conversion Grills - $800 ConUS

Price: 800 OBO
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere, but buyer pays outside ConUS
Local Meetup: Orange County, CA

Overall fantastic can (@Resolve’s favorite closed back if I’m not mistaken). These are in mint condition and come with all origonal accessories. They also come with added LCD-X conversion faceplates (currently installed, yes these are true XCs). Selling because I have an opportunity to grab sus and the amp I want as a combo and need to free up some money.

Bumping cause I bought LCD-R


How does this conversion compare to the lcd-x? And is this a 2021 xc?

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As per Audeze’s post on the other forum and echoed around here:

11/23/20 LCD-X Leather-Free 7527615
11/9/20 LCD-XC Leather 8523700
11/23/20 LCD-X Leather 7527600
11/23/20 LCD-XC Leather-Free 8523710

So it’s not. Unless I can’t number. Which is entirely possible.

Sorry about the delay. This is the 2020 revision with 8 fazors. For this revision the X and XC are identical drivers and just have different backings making the conversion possible. This is the only 2020 X I have owned so I can’t reaky comment on if there are any sonic differences to it and any other 2020 X, but it was sonicly close enough to my 2017 X that Its clearly just a revision of the same headphone


Bump with a price drop to 950 cause I bought LCD-R…

Considering how rare that headphone is going to be, have to give us a review after you get them!

I plan on it! I also know someone in the area with a raal and should hopefully be getting sus soon so I hope to compair all 3. Just need to find someone with a lamda sig i can try to see how this stax up :wink:


Price drop to 900 shipped us

Bumping to the top of the thread

No price drop, just a bump.

Bumping these with a price drop

Price drop to 800 usd conUS.

Are these still available?

Forgot to close the thread. No they are not. Sorry