WTS: T50 mk2 Argon Balanced - $400 ConUS

Price: $350 ConUS
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere, but buyer pays shipping outside ConUS
Local Pickup: Orange County California (will knock shipping and frees off the price for local cash/FF)

This was a long time favorite can of mine surviving right up until the very end for me. With a unique form of staging that almost stages the rest of the song within the bass its self The T50 argon are a super unique and awesome listen. I ended up liking them so much that I sold my arya to keep using these instead. Unfortunately, now that I have moved up the scale further, I just don’t find myself using them much anymore so its time to let them go. They will come with a periapt XLR cable as well as the stock 1/4” SE cable and a 3.5mm one as well. They currently wear the stock pads and are in good condition over all.

I believe pads are zmf lambskin but i dont have a good way to confirm that for certain unfortunately.

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