WTT: Used Twice Limited Edition iBasso SR1 headphones (F) Audioquest Nighthawk or Nighthawk Carbon / HE6SE or HE500/ AFO / ZMF Ori / Schiit Bifrost Multibit (OG)

For all intents and purposes, these are brand new; they’ve been used twice about 20 minutes each time and always stored in their respective case afterward. Amazing sound, imho. Only reason I’m hoping to trade is to complete my Audioquest set (I own the NightOwl) or just to hear other things, really. These are #220 of 500 made worldwide, and the last pair I saw sell on eBay went for $899. Willing to trade for any of the headphones (or DAC) mentioned, as well as some iems: (Noble Kaiser 10 Massdrop, Django, Dulce Bass), AAW Nightingale, Dethonray Tender 1, Westone UM 50 Pro / W50 or W60, Earsonics Onyx, Velvet, Purple, ES5 or InEar StageDiver SD-4 or SD-5 or Fidue Sirius A91 MK 1 or II). All original accessories and packaging included as well. Thanks!!!