Your Favorite YouTube reviewers

Thx for the suggestion! I’m sure I’ll spend some hundred hours with the Real World Audio! Looking great so far.

A great review here:

I’d say my top 3 channels are sandu (sound news), lachlan (passion for sound), and currawong (forgot his name).

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LOVE a good comparo! :+1:

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He’s probably my favorite Youtuber, he tries to cut through the bs in the hobby and audio industry. Plus he has intelligent conversations with some of my favorite people in the business. :+1:

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I like his channel as he goes right after some spicy topics like cables, chord m scaler, and dacs. He’s not a measurement purist but he also doesn’t rely on industry sales slogans either. Just hooks the gear up and it able to articulate what he’s hearing in comparison to other gear.

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From my point of view, Currawong’s a pretty reliable YouTube reviewer as he seems to have a lot of internal consistency in that I have a general understanding of what he likes, what he doesn’t, and he doesn’t seem to be dropping videos just to get traffic (yes, I know consistency is the refuge of fools).

Internal consistency and a standard by which everything is measured are two of the most important qualities I look for in a reviewer. Reviewers that have a schtick such as being overly dramatic, overly negative, confrontational, etc. in order to generate traffic, do nothing for me and are at best infortainers, and at worst, a detriment to the personal audio community.



I agree currawong’s channel has been around for a long time. His location in Japan gives him access to some very unique gear but I think he’s also limited to gear that comes from EU/US so he can’t get everything. I’ve asked multiple times for him to review Mass Kobo 394 ii as he’s in Japan and he knows the owner. It would also be awesome if he could do Luxman and Accuphase speaker amps and do HP reviews of Sus/1266 off the speaker taps. OJI is also a japanese company that makes great HP amps and I recommended for him to review as well.

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