ZMF Auteur Classic - Official Thread

Dear sweet wife Barbara just ordered me a pair of the LTD Mango for my birthday later this month. Of course there is the 6 to 8 week wait. Maybe I’ll hold off turning my 7 decades until they come… .


What a gift!! The wait is alway tough with ZMF, but it makes the final result all the more satisfying.


I’m patient. I could wait several more months before celebrating my birthday. Years, even.


What a birthday present! I hope you are suitably appreciative! :birthday:
That is unbelievably nice, it will help you feel better about turning 70. :laughing:

I hope you get much enjoyment from them. I’ll be interested in your thoughts after some listening time, and post pictures please. The Mango Ltd is very pretty, and do give them some burn-in time. ZMFs need it in general, though it’s less time intensive with the bio dynamic sets than other driver materials.

You have a great wife :+1: :smile:



You lucky Boy……:+1:

They look gorgeous :relieved:


I admire your wife and envy you!


ZMF keeps sending teaser emails. The cups have been polished. The headphone is being assembled.

Then they say how assembly and testing is a weeks long process. And suggest I amuse myself by watching ZMF videos for the first time owner on how to maintain them. How to bend the headband, and how to clean maple syrup from the cups with a dry cloth first before boiling them in betel-nut oil.

I’m amusing myself by working and listening to Jean Michel Jarre’s Amazonia in binaural on the Eufónica OTL and Sennheiser HD-6xx.
It’ll do until the Zed MFers are done.


That’s the spirit! Someday those Zed MFers will be done, sprinkle fairy dust on them, and send them off to you.

After all, you can only give your workers so many floggings to improve morale! :wink:


FYI, I have been unable to visit the Headphone forum for a number of days now. My anti-malware programs go nuts when I enter the URL; they report malware at the URL and will not allow connection.

Has anyone else had this issue?

I would happily report this to the site admin(s), but have no access to the site to do so.

Thanks for any help you can give me,



:innocent: :+1:


I’m in the same situation as you, this time I couldn’t resist and I really hit it by placing an order.

I’m very curious to see whether the ZMF hype actually meets my expectations.

Visually these pieces are a feast for the eyes, but tonally it’s a blind buy for me.


……… due to the many positive reviews.


I’ve had no issues visiting the forum. Out of interest, how were you able to post the above?

When I joined the forum I elected to receive email notifications for any posts that reply to my own posts. I can’t visit the site to check, but apparently your post was connected to one of my past posts.

A jpg of the malware warning I get is attached.

BTW, I cannot access this website from either of my other computers, too. I get different error messages with those: ie, the typical windows “This site can’t be reached. The connection was reset.”


No issues here.

It could be an issue in your anti-malware software. I’ve seen that plenty of times and would be my first guess.

There could be a configuration issue or genuine issue with your ISP, particularly if it’s a small one with limited anti-hacker defenses. That happened to one of my relatives.

It could be that your anti-malware software has been ineffective and the messages are 3rd party deception. Nuisance browser blocks and redirects (not really viruses) used to be fairly common in Apple’s Safari, for example. They fixed that years ago.

EDIT: Avast has decent reviews from mainstream organizations. Still, it’s my first suspect. They monitor many sites and likely mistagged the forum. I’d personally get rid of it/disable it and check with customer service.

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Which one did you get Lothar?

I’m enjoying these quite a bit since I got them. Here they are shown in the back corner of my office desk where they live. Have listened to them through the Lyr3, the L&P W4, and the Sabaj, but the default is this setup in my office, where they look pretty but get only occasional use. (Hey, I do actual work in the office, and use the phone and talk to, like people).

The source is streaming (usually ROON ARC, Apple Music or Qobuz) from the iPad Pro into the iFi xDSD in DAC with line out mode into the Eufónica H7M. Current tubes are the Amperex 6922 and 1953 vintage RCA 6080s.

I’m working on a playlist of Echoes covers… I want to get more hours on them before I do any review, but I will put something up eventually, all subjective because I don’t have measuring equipment. Maybe I’ll have an AI bot make some amusing subjective graphs…


Good setup!

I continue to wait patiently for my ZMF‘s