2020 Hifiman HE-1000 SE $2400 -Sold

2020 Hifiman HE-1000 SE $2400 Sold
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Purchased Feb 28th, Mint Headphones, low use, All Factory Cords + Case.

It is next to it Cousin the Susvara


Not getting much use because of the Susvara?

Work is why all of them but the Stelia are not getting much use. I have to be mobile a lot these days aka headphone amp free.

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Then it doesn’t make much sense that you’re replacing them with a Susvara, does it? The Susvara is a door stop without a desktop amp driving it.

I already have the Susvara, and more than enough powerful amps to drive it, ( it is my home office headphone) and other more efficient headphones like the Focal Stellia and even Rad-0 for a mobile environment ; ) Also, Susvara is a very nice headphone even driven off a UA Apollo x8. A/B Headphones will be the ZMF Vertie and Susvara in the office.



Awesome choice of headphones. Glws!