3D Audio

I have been trying out 3D audio this last couple of weeks and wondered if anyone has any views on it and future directions? Dolby has Atmos, Apple has positional audio on the new AirPod pros and Sony has their own version for the PS5 and their new wireless headphone ranges. There is also Waves NX for PC and Mac which I am using at the moment and there are other options as well I am sure.

All of these except for Waves NX seem to require purpose encoded media at the moment - Dolby Atmos sounds OK but I really like the Waves 3D effect on my existing stereo music when used with the Bluetooth headphone tracker. It is not at all popular but I would like to hear from anyone who has tried it. I found that the Windows 10 Waves NX app in “Movie Theater” mode and video or preferably Bluetooth head tracking give excellent results once you have adapted to it as it is very different to conventional “in your head” audio. You can also get a VST plugin but this is not quite the same. Try the free download trial. The illusion of space and speaker like imaging may not be immediate - try moving your head while the tracking is running and give it “burn in” time on different genres. Video tracking lags a bit and ties you down so I use Bluetooth clip on tracking. I use it all the time now as I perceive the sound quality to be better then conventional headphone stereo and better than speakers as there is no adverse room resonance. If you use video tracking you will need to put your laptop on your actual lap so the webcam can see you or sit in front of your PC.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I wonder if this technology will become more popular?


I miss the DTS: X effect back when I had the LGV40. It was fun. From very limited experience, nothing can create a better sense of space and dynamics than a good OTL tube amp when it comes to 3D audio.