Out Of Your Head - Virtual Surround Simulator

Just wondering if anyone here frequently uses the OOYH software for music listening.
It really works for me and from what I’ve heard, they are unique compared to other virtual-surround-simulation-software as they use recordings of frequency sweeps from real speakers with a head-shaped recording device (kinda like those ASMR microphones). So if you find ASMR recordings spatially realistic (which would depend on your head and ear shape) this will likely work very well for you.

I personally love the “PBN Audio Sammy” setting! :slight_smile:

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I tried it a few months ago, didn’t sound good at all. From what I understand, in order to get the most out of this type of software, it would need to be calibrated for the individual.

Interested in more thoughts. Here’s a link for those who’d like to give OOYH a shot: https://fongaudio.com/out-of-your-head-software/

The concept and his approach (“does not simulate”) is interesting, but deployment requires a full desktop environment (Windows or Mac OS). It also strikes me as somewhat gimmicky as far as serious audiophile listening is concerned. I read one review and I didn’t get the feeling this is a gamechanger. The software may be unstable under certain conditions as well. At this point it seems too immature. The filters are expensive as well (relatively speaking). I would think the best case scenario is for watching movies in surround sound on your laptop.

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I actually bought this neat software more than a year ago, and use it on a Windows laptop only for watching movies. I personally do not use it for music listening, although I might be missing out… :wink:
For movies, the benefit is the surround sound from a pair of headphones - the effect is unbelievable!
For music, I guess one could use if to get the feeling of being in a concert hall.

Haven’t used that software but sure like Chesky’s binaural recordings (eg Amber Rubarth’s Sessions…17th Ward).
Is it at all similar?