64 Audio U12t - Universal IEM - Official Thread

64 Audio U18T with custom tips from Microsonics, based on ear canal laser scan (otoscan)


Oh cool. No otoscan anywhere near me in Australia!


I recently want more mid-bass and lower-midrange body to U12T. Any good EQ profile for this? New to PMEQ.

Since I’ve been traveling a lot this year I wanted to buy a TOTL IEM to make the trips a bit more tolerable. I purchased a pair of Andromeda 2020s this Spring and have been thoroughly enjoying them while in airplanes and Ubers. The downside is that sadly, for me, the “pointy” case digs into my ear so I can only tolerate them for 2-3 hours max before I need a break. So then started my quest to trial some other similar-sounding IEMs and see if a replacement was feasible - lest I ended up filing down the Andro’s case and giving up on resale value. My first subject - a pair of U12Ts - arrived today. I can definitely say they’ve lived up to their reputation!

I’ve only had about 30 minutes to listen to them so far, but I wanted to pass along my initial thoughts. (BTW I was using an AQ Cobalt with high quality Spotify tracks through my iPhone 12. This is my typical travel setup)

Relative to the Andro 2020’s, my initial impressions are (in order of appearance):

  1. They’re bigger (thicker?) than the Andros - but feel very comfortable in place. I used the dark gray memory foam tips and they seemed to work very well.
  2. Sub-bass! I’ve never heard these frequences from an IEM before. Amazing!
  3. Bass! Maybe it’s due to the sub-base extension, but all bass frequencies seem to have more punch and depth than the Andros
  4. Soundstage seems on par or maybe slightly smaller (?) than the Andros, but I need to find some better tracks to use for testing this aspect
  5. Slightly lower midrange response relative to the Andros. Not necessarily a bad thing, but more listening time will help me better gauge this aspect.
  6. Mid- and high treble was very crisp and detailed - not quite to a fault but it’s almost like turning up the “sharpening” filter on an image in Photoshop. Again, need to listen to more tracks to see if this becomes bothersome… my initial guess is that I’ll get used to it.

More to come on this, but so far I’m quite pleased with these IEMs. If they end up on the top of the heap I may even sell them and get the CIEM versions.


Thank you very much for the review Andrew! As you recommended on my U6T vs U12T question, I’ll go for the U12T, now I should ask you… Any little nice, portable DAC / Amp that I could bring with me (airplane, etc) that would be enough for the U12T as well as a Focal Stellia?

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