New IEMs from 64Audio on the horizon?

This is almost entirely speculative…but just thinking about 64Audio’s universal lineup:
-the Fourte Noir was always meant to be a limited edition product, and it looks like that is sold out on 64Audio’s site, as well as
-the Trio has been on sale @ 30% off, and the product detail page on 64Audio’s site says that the sale is active “while supplies last”; I am inferring from this that 64Audio is moving on from the Trio (surprising, if true!)

So, that would leave 64Audio with the U12 and U18, as well as the Fourte.
Anyone hear if they are expecting to introduce any new products in the near future?


NAMM is this weekend which is usually a pretty big IEM show. 64 Audio may be announcing something there. There’s also CanJam NY coming up.

The custom line-up generally gets more love than the Universals though which makes sense from the business side of things. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another custom on the way with a universal later on down the line.

I still don’t think they have too much interest in a Universal below the $2k mark though.


@taronlissimore thank you, very helpful

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If they are announcing something at can jam we should be hearing about it soon as jude will be putting up the preview video. He usually talks about new products that will be at the show even if it’s just a teaser.

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Guess there will be a new product soon. Last Canjam they had a new hybrid (unnamed)


Almost as if on cue, I just saw 64Audio teased with an IG post about a special announcement this week at NAMM.


What a coincidence :wink:


And here we go…a new A18.


Oooo lovely. I wonder how different the sound will be. Improvement or not?

Hopefully I can get to try this soon! Will definitely drop my thoughts here.

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I would love to hear your thoughts on any new 64 Audio iems.

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