Abyss Diana Phi

It does somewhat, but they still don’t clamp. No real spring action in the headband. Maybe I’d you had quite a wide head. But then you would be making a seal with the pads and miss out on allllll the bass.

And yes. Do try, I think they’re great. The D8000 is my favourite of the two, having owned both. I had to EQ the Pro a lot more to get the balance, given its significant tilt from the stock ones.

I’ll be putting the Pro pads on the D8000 soon though, I prefer the material.

I’ve heard others have similar experiences with the Dianas not quite fitting their head/face.

I’m taking notes on whether more people prefer the D8000 vs Pro. I don’t intend to use EQ that much/often.

If you lock the midrange. The Pro tilts treble up AND bass down compared.

Good to know. I’m not sure if that’s preferred.

I like my bass a bit boosted, so I had a heavy EQ on the Pro. It EQ well, like sounded great, but wasn’t the same headphone.

Non-Pro I barely touch with EQ, and could happily run it without.

Cool. I believe minimizing the use of EQ would be preferred.

Watched this video on design and manufacturing of the Diana ear pads the other day, thought it was good enough to share (apart from the bits denying the existence of the DMS mod):

I like watching talks with engineers about manufacturing of products, especially where slight deviations on products makes things impossible, or next to impossible, to manufacture.

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What’s the point when they aren’t allowed to touch your face to get the best sound?