The new HarmonicDyne Zeus with beryllium drivers

I’m very excited to hear about this new headphone. One i cant wait to hear. I and many others purchased the HarmonicDyne’s (A ThieAudio company) first headphone the Helios. It turned out to be one of my favorite headphones with its speaker like presentation, soundstage and tone. I love the the detail it has for a 180$ headphone. Its a very lively headphone. It left me very impressed with HarmonicDyne. So now they’ve releases the HarmonicDyne Zeus. They seemed to have gone all out on this headphone which retails for 350$ It has 50mm beryllium drivers. It comes with a OCC cable and very nice case. BGGAR did a unboxing of it here:

I bought one off Amazon and i’ll update this post with my impressions:


This feels like chi-fi versions where they took focal driver material and rad-o pads and grill. It feels like nicer looking version of what monoprice does.

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i’m hoping it will be super detailed lol

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i should be getting a review demo sometime in the near future.


Awesome! can you let me know when your review is up?

This is confusing. I thought antpage was antdroid. Two ants.


I was first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Antpage is my name. Anthony Page