Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC

Hey Guys,

I purchased a pair of Abyss Phi TC’s recently and they arrived today. This is my fourth pair of Abyss headphones. The original AB-1266, the AB-1266 Phi, The Diana Phi, and now the AB-1266 Phi TC’s. I really do love the Abyss “house sound.” I’m still fiddling with the fit, which is a bit different the I am used to due to the new ear pads. They fit a bit tighter than with the old ear pads as they are wider. Sonically so far? I am very impressed. I’ll get some hours in and report back with a full review in a few weeks!


Looking forward to your impressions. Enjoy.


If those even sound remotely as good as they look… :wink:

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