Acoustic exploration


I’ve been having some crazy ideas about acoustics and acoustic areas/pockets. I know this is primarily a headphone home, I’m just reaching out to anyone that may be able to connect me with some of the right people to explore such things. Much thanks.


I’m willing to help. Can you give a bit more detail about what you are searching for?


I don’t really know exactly how to explain it. I just took some friends to the Country Music Hall of Fame and in there they have the audio for the videos, as your going through the museum, set up so that you stand directly under the Projector/Speaker you only get the audio from that video and it pretty much blocks out the rest of the sound in the room. When we walked in I got excited thinking I had been reminded of the effect I’m looking for and thought I could study/explore their setup to get my goal. I soon realized that its the opposite of what they have that I’m looking for. I’m trying to find/create a way to have sound pockets throughout a room. A way to have a quartet, few people, just a few feet away and have the sound localized to each sound pocket without walls or having to be separated by walls. I can see it in my head but don’t have the knowledge to effectively communicate it in words. Sorry, and thanks for any input.


Not relevant to music, but the effect of a “Whispering Gallery” is really astonishing. One of the more famous ones is in Statuary Hall, near the Rotunda in the US Capitol building. The 5th President, John Quincy Adams used to keep a desk in the right spot when he was a congressman (after he was President!). Strangely, he often seemed to know a lot about other politician’s secret plans, which they might discuss quietly in groups some distance away.

I’ve been there, and it’s just like in the video. There are other buildings that have this same effect. Generally in live rooms with round or ellipsoid ceilings.

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