Haptic vests and belts

Hi all

So I was wondering if any of you have combined your listening experiences with haptic vests or belts?

What’s your opinion on these devices. There’s a few conflicting reviews on YouTube. Some reviews say good for gaming but not for music. Others have said good for gaming but also good for music if you dial down the intensity.

This review is from 2 years ago so I’m sure the tech would of improved slightly also

Thoughts appreciated


I’ve thought about it, but haven’t tried anything yet. All of the options I’ve seen have looked pretty beta and fairly expensive so it hasn’t bubbled up to the top of my purchase list yet.

Step one for me would be to experiment with combining a nearby subwoofer for a similar effect. I happen to have an old sub I’m not using but it needs a new driver surround.

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Certainly seems an interesting concept. Yes agree the tech does look beta. I too am going to files this under future consideration

This follows forced feedback computer interfaces of 20 years ago. Those systems would vibrate a joystick or controller to simulate explosions, wind resistance, wheel slip, etc. The technology lives on in a limited fashion with phone bloops and rumble controllers, but the most ambitious efforts flopped.

Some problems include cross-purpose goals (immersive experiences versus competition), slow speed, clumsy or heavy products, high costs for what they offer, and uneven quality. Hardcore gamers have been known to disable all sorts of quality features to gain a speed advantage and eliminate distractions. The best immersive simulations also pale in comparison to real-world experiences, be they rollercoasters or interactions with romantic partners.

Audiophiles…have big budgets and follow their own goals…some may love it while others do not. Unless music producers incorporate such technology into production it’ll always and forever be an add-on. This may not be unlike what tube amps do to music, but tubes have long been integral to music production.

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You could build something for around $100. parts express sells transducers / bass shakers.

aurasound brand sold them for car audio to shake seats in the 90’s for convertibles.

you can also mount them under your couch and even apply rubber feet to make your couch move more. really fun when watching a movie and forget they are on, then an explosion and boom your butt is shaking.

now they make smaller lighter ones. it doesn’t take much to get them shaking just try to get a dedicated subwoofer amp with sub sonic filtering or EQ.

the lepai lp210pa let too much treble to them even with the built in crossover.
had better luck with the small 25w dayton amp.