Aeon Open X thoughts

The type of headphone I am looking for is (Closed-back, open-back, in-ear, wireless, etc):

My price range is:

I like to listen to:
Most genres with the exception of heavy metal.

I will be using them for: (Travel, commuting, home, gym, etc…):
All-day listening, calls, media consumption (Movies, gaming etc).

Hey folks. My beloved LCD-GX bit the bullet. I have no clue what happened. They worked, then they didn’t. Like seriously, that’s it.

I’ve watched a couple of reviews for the Aeon open, namely the one where @Resolve revisits the AO and doesn’t seem to want to sell it lol. So I’m thinking of snagging the X version from drop. My biggest asks are comfort and a decent soundstage. I know they won’t approach Arya levels, but hopefully better than 6xx. Anyone have any feedback on these cans for these uses? Something else you’d consider “better” in this price range? Thanks!!

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