All things Qobuz - Q&A

I am new to Qobuz and using the service (which I like) is easy, I have started to have questions. So I thought about a new thread for Q&A just for Qobuz.

  1. I miss Apple Music’s feature to list the lyrics of a song during playback. I know that is not available but is there any third party integration that provides the lyrics? Using Qobuz under MacOS or iOS
    A1. Roon has this capability. See reply below (thank you)

  2. Safari and Qobuz seems like they do not play properly. I was fine for a couple days with the Mac application and under Safari using their player. The iOS application was still working fine but I need to execute Qobuz from my MacBook. I sent a question to Qobuz. Can anyone confirm Qobuz has issues with Safari. Chrome executes Qobuz fine.
    A. Yes Qobuz said that they had an issue with Safari and applied a fix for it. I am simply using Chrome for Qobuz and Safari for all other…


Roon will display lyrics for the currently playing track, provided they’re available either from it’s primary metadata database or from the service the song is being streamed from.

If you have exactly the same album locally as exists in the Roon lyric metadata provider you can get lyrics for local content too.

Not all tracks have lyrics, but those that do may have either “static” lyrics, which just means you can call them up and read them or “real time” lyrics, in which case as the song plays the appropriate words are highlighted in syncrhonization.

You can even route the display of this to another screen or device.


For US customers Qobuz dropped the price of Studio ten dollars to $14.99 a month, same pricing as Amazon Music HD. Same music up to 24/192 but they call it Studio Premier now. You can watch a press conference posted yesterday on Facebook at this link. Existing US Studio customers are supposed to be switched over to the less expensive plan automatically on monthly renewal, if you aren’t drop a line to customer service


I just switched to Qobuz from Tidal. Soundiiz transferred all my playlists and tracks very well. There were some songs unavailable for streaming, but are available for purchase. No biggie. The song selection is fine for me, and I have GPM radio stations I use in my car to discover new stuff I’ll add to my Qobuz playlists as I go.

The only thing I might miss about Tidal is their “my mixes” feature. It worked pretty well.

Glad to be away from MQA shit and on to 24/192 streaming.


Qobuz customer service is either casual or overloaded. I was a beta subscriber from the US but they made me pay using the Great Britain site so 24.99 pounds per month. I had been waiting 5 days for Qobuz to switch my country to USA with no response from customer service so I finally just deleted my account and signed up fresh from the US to get the $14.99 monthly price. Got a free month in the process.