Amazon Original Movie: The Sound of Metal

Hello all. I stumbled across this video on Amazon about a musician with progressive hearing loss. It looks artfully produced, amd ticks a few important boxes, hearing loss (my daughter), love of music, sobriety.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I immediately thought of this forum and had to share. My wife and I have a “date” to watch it this weekend and I’ll share my thoughts afterward.

Has anybody here seen it or have thoughts to share?


Its a great movie!! It hit home to me too on a big level with me being in similar structured recovery homes although he is trying to recover from primarily hearing loss(secondarily heroin abuse) and how to live with it, it is still very similar to the situation I went through 12 years ago with substances. The movie also really makes you think about how grateful we are to have hearing and how much of a dramatic change it would be to lose it. This movie should be watched by all!
A real eye opener and amazing portrayal or real-life sized characters.


I’m sure you and your wife will love it. There are some amazing supporting characters in the story too. Look forward to hearing how you feel after seeing it and message me if interested


Right! The actor who played the man who runs the halfway house is “.… a Veteran, a CODA, (Child of Deaf Adults), a Court Certified American Sign Language interpreter, a musician, and the lead singer for the Hands of Doom ASL ROCK, a band that performs in American Sign Language.” How awesome to cast someone who is already a part of the community.

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Funny you bring him up as he was my favorite character/actor

Im gonna have to look that band up. Sounds awesome!

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Sounds a little like plot elements from the most recent “A Star is Born” movie.


A star is born I thought was more primarily about the abuse and this movie strictly focuses more about the recovery. Both great movies and agree they have a lot of similarities. Funny you bring that up as my grandfather wrote the story to a star is born.


That’s awesome. Also awesome was how you said it, as a “by the way…”.